Cleone’s Restaurant

“Very speedy phone answers and quick responses to questions.”

Cleone’s Restaurant

A traditional Coaching Inn since the early 16th Century, the Angel, is set in the very heart of Halesworth’s thoroughfare. It serves as a hub for the town’s folk to meet and enjoy a wide variety of refreshments and meals throughout the day.

How did you previously run your payroll?

Was done in house.

Why did you look at alternatives?

Increased complexity and compliance requirements.

Why did you choose LivePay?

The manner of the representative and the assertion that I would have minimal involvement since staff would have direct access etc.

How easy was it to transfer to LivePay?

Straight forward.

Did you have any problems transferring to LivePay?

Only a small invoice issue where we were deemed to be live before it actually happened.

How easy is it to use the LivePay web portals?

It takes a bit of getting used to regarding accessing reports etc. But fine once you are used to it.

What time savings have you experienced since changing to LivePay?

Significant savings but also on stress .It has been like handing over a child to boarding school or some such. Hoping the school will do everything you did and take the care you hope they will.

How would you rate the support from LivePay?

Very speedy phone answers and quick responses to questions.

LivePay Benefits

  • Save Time and Money

    The expert team here at LivePay provide an excellent service to all of our clients, helping to save businesses time and money

  • Experienced Payroll Professionals

    Our wealth of experience gives us the industry knowledge and expertise required to manage your payroll to great effect.

  • Data Collection is Simple

    Quick and easy collection of important payroll data from multiple sources, saving time and simplifying the process.

  • Easy Access to Payroll Information

    All employees can have easy access to their payslips and information, available 24/7 through our online system.

  • Management Reporting Control & Sharing

    Custom management reporting, with each person having access to information appropriate to their level of seniority.

  • Managed Auto Enrolment

    LivePay combines payroll expertise with experience of working with most UK pension providers to simplify your auto enrolment obligations.

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