APIs and Data Transfer

Payroll is not a stand-alone function within your business. It is a central link between employees, finance, HR, pension providers and HMRC. Ensuring that all these links are correctly set up is critical to prevent wasting your time and ultimately costing your business money.

LivePay can work with external systems to provide integrations in a variety of ways to ensure your payroll process is seamless. There are several different ways in which a system can be linked to LivePay, which will all drastically reduce the amount of time taken for payroll processing compared with standard double entry methods.

When you work with LivePay, your project/implementation Manager can help you choose which method is best for your circumstances. This will enable the most effective use of LivePay’s unique automation system, saving you precious hours in your day.

CSV File Transfer

As with all good payroll systems, LivePay can data load spreadsheets output from your other data collection systems (such as time and attendance, HR or roster systems) as ‘.csv’ files.  We have a flexible data load format for spreadsheets, so providing we have the employee number that matches the payroll and one data type per column we can load this.

CSV files can be transferred directly via an SFTP or file upload into the secure LivePay portal, meaning no need to have several copies sent to several different people/areas.

LivePay can also produce customisable CSV output files which can then be directly loaded into other systems – such as pension files, accounts journals or KPI data to name but a few. These can be set up yourself or our Support Team are on hand to do this for you, all at no extra cost.


LivePay has an Application Programming Interface (API) end point that payroll data can be posted to directly from your other systems. This vital software creates a seamless link between payroll and your other workforce management systems.

Of the 18 HR system API installation projects I am running globally, this has been one of the easiest for our over 2,000 employees in the UK that are on the LivePay payroll system” – Customer API project manager

Partnerships / integrations

LivePay shares mutual partnerships with several complementary systems meaning data can be transferred directly from one system to the other, securely, and safely.

Breathe HR

With Breathe HR we can access your Breathe account via the API and extract your employee data so you do not need to enter employee details, such as change of address, more than once. LivePay do this each payroll cycle and check the information we have is up to date and correct.

We can also provide payslips in a format which can be downloaded from the LivePay portal then loaded straight into Breathe through their payslip upload tool, without the need for any intervention. We can make other documents available to be uploaded through the employee document uploader too, meaning the payroll information you need can be held in one place without needing to log in to multiple places.

To find out more about Breathe visit https://www.breathehr.com/en-gb/

SMI: Staffcare

As you are aware, Livepay have had a long partnership with SMI, who provide Staff.Care, a single software solution for all your Workforce Management requirements. Staff.Care includes HR, eRostering, Training Management, Sickness & Leave Management, Expenses and much more. Staff.Care can interface directly with Livepay. All your shifts/leaves are managed in Staff.Care and when payroll is due, you simply send all the information to Livepay with all the overtime/enhancements calculated for you. This transforms payroll processing times from hours/days to minutes. Timesheets and duplicate data entry is a thing of the past.

We’ve now got even more exciting news. SMI have also partnered with Talos360, who are one of the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers in the marketplace. With Recruitment becoming difficult for many customers, using an ATS will engage the best applicants.

Working with all 3 companies will streamline your whole workforce management cycle, whilst knowing you will have the experts on hand when you need us.

Talos360 – over 11 years becoming the market leader for on-line Recruitment solutions. Recruit the best applicants, providing all the on-boarding tools you need including advertising on all the popular job boards. Once the applicant accepts a position, then all the data is sent to Staff.Care.

SMI – over 30 years providing HR, eRostering and Patient Management Solutions. Once the applicant information is sent to Staff.Care, a new start workflow is activated. All staff data and shift/rotas are then managed in Staff.Care including all training records. When payroll is due, SMI will collate all the timesheets/rotas and provide an interface for Livepay.

Livepay – over 40 years’ experience providing Payroll and Bureau Services. Once the file is received from Staff.Care, we will provide our usual expert services.

Want to find out more?

Speak to us today to enquire why so many of our customers are working us and the SMI partnership.

To find out more about SMI visit http://www.smicare.com/


Still concerned LivePay cannot work with your processes? Call to speak to our Customer Care team who can go through how we can best link with your systems to make payroll a much simpler, automated process.