Easy Access to Payroll Information

All employees can have easy access to their payslips and information, available 24/7 through our online system.

Easy Access to Payroll Information

Using an effective online self-service facility, LivePay provides employees with the ability to access their payslips and personal information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employee Access to Information

Through the use of our system, all of your employees will have the ability to instantly view their entire history, including every payslip ever generated by the LivePay system, and this information can then be printed as and when required. We also have a similar system in place that allows them to view all of their P60 information quickly and easily.

We can provide your business with an employee query service that can help to provide your employees with relevant information and answers to their questions. This is in the form of a self-service portal that enables your employees to ask questions regarding changes to their pay, such as tax code changes, sick pay calculations and anything else that may be relevant.

Why do Employees Need to Access Payroll Information Online?

Being able to access their payroll information online is a very popular feature for employees, especially when they are able to browse their information within their own time and in the comforts of their own home. The main reasons why employees like to access their unique information through online systems include:

  • They are able to access their personal information whenever they want or need to.
  • The access to their information is fully confidential and needs a form of authorisation, making it safe and secure.
  • Payslips from previous months are readily available to view online rather than by hard copy alone.

Improving LivePay Services

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and as such, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and the LivePay system. That is why we are always continuing to develop the self-service facilities for employees to use, helping to provide a simpler and easier to use system for everybody concerned. We constantly look for anything that can improve the usability of all of our systems, making life much easier for both you and your employees.

Please contact our sales team today to discuss our service in further detail or to talk about how we are able to benefit your business. We can also provide your business with a no obligation quote or a demo that allows you to see our system in action.

LivePay Benefits

  • Save Time and Money

    The expert team here at LivePay provide an excellent service to all of our clients, helping to save businesses time and money

  • Experienced Payroll Professionals

    Our wealth of experience gives us the industry knowledge and expertise required to manage your payroll to great effect.

  • Data Collection is Simple

    Quick and easy collection of important payroll data from multiple sources, saving time and simplifying the process.

  • Easy Access to Payroll Information

    All employees can have easy access to their payslips and information, available 24/7 through our online system.

  • Management Reporting Control & Sharing

    Custom management reporting, with each person having access to information appropriate to their level of seniority.

  • Managed Auto Enrolment

    LivePay combines payroll expertise with experience of working with most UK pension providers to simplify your auto enrolment obligations.

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