St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service

“The support has been great, no question too big or too small.”

St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service

The St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service are an independent charity providing medical welfare to the armed forces, veterans, NHS staff, emergency services, The Merchant Navy and their immediate family when they are receiving treatment in hospital. Our practical and emotional support ensures that no one goes through the worry of illness or injury alone.

How did you previously run your payroll? Through our accountants.

Why did you look at alternatives? We felt it was expensive and we duplicated some of their work for us to get to the point of passing the correct information over to them, and to help us check their output.

Why did you choose Livepay? We spoke to 2 existing Livepay clients who were very happy with the service, it demo’d well (albeit looking a little old fashioned), and thought the overall package was cost effective.

How easy was it to transfer to Livepay? Very easy, 2 parallel runs was all that was needed to have a smooth transfer.

Did you have any problems transferring to Livepay? No

How easy is it to use the Livepay web portals? They are easy. To start with we were over inputting information alongside the period payments, this was politely pointed out by the team, which has now cut down our processing time.

What time savings have you experienced since changing to Livepay? Difficult to quantify this one.

Have you had any feedback from employees since the changeover? No

How would you rate the support from Livepay? The support has been great, no question too big or too small.

Finally, what if anything could Livepay have done better? I can’t think of anything they could
have done differently.


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LivePay Benefits

  • Save Time and Money

    The expert team here at LivePay provide an excellent service to all of our clients, helping to save businesses time and money

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    Our wealth of experience gives us the industry knowledge and expertise required to manage your payroll to great effect.

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  • Managed Auto Enrolment

    LivePay combines payroll expertise with experience of working with most UK pension providers to simplify your auto enrolment obligations.

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